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What is IPFSGate

The IPFSGate is an advanced public IPFS gateway, IPFS websites provider and IPFS storage. You can use the gateway to access the content located in the IPFS network directly from your web browser without installation of any software or plugin. You are allowed to browse any IPFS content via our default IPFS gateway or you can select from many 3rd party IPFS gateways. Those of you who use Tor Browser for a better anonymity can take advantage of Onion IPFS Gateway (IPFS over Tor network).

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How IPFS web hosting works

Your current website

Your content structured in a JSON file and distributed in the IPFS network

A custom HTML template, out of IPFS, which displays your content by its CID.

IPFS gateway

To host whole websites in the IPFS network is not efficient. It is of course possible, but there are a lot of practical problems that appears when you try to do it. As described here a common websites are composed from many resources which are necessary for the proper functioning of the website and the IPFS gateways are not made to handle such a large number of requests to resources that are being loaded per one page in the same time. Another disadvantage is that each resource is being loaded at different speed and the user will have to wait for the whole page to lo be loaded.

A solution? Split (separate) the form and the content. Any content of your web can be easily structured/enclosed in some suitable data format (e.g. JSON file or XML file) . This is a small file which can be pinned into the IPFS network and distributed in the IPFS network over many nodes. By this way your data become decentralized and censorship-resistant and anytime accessible through the advanced IPFS gateway (a template gateway) which displays it.

Launch web or e-shop in the IPFS from  9 $/month

ipfsgate@proton.me (IPFS web hosting)

mdfrontend@proton.me (IPFS web development)